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In 1973, a disastrous flood in Indus River caused enormous damages in District Rajanpur and massively affected the socioeconomic fabric of the local riverine communities, villages on the river bank and vicinities of populous areas. This immediate catastrophe after Pakistan’s disintegration in 1971 caused enormous troubles as the state authorities were not as strong as today to respond to the burgeoning needs of the flood affected communities. As per the traditional pattern, a group of youngsters form Kot Mithan town gathered to help and rescue the survivors of the flood on the self help basis. Although they suffered a lot during their efforts however they succeeded in putting their energies and social bond in an organized way which resulted into a joint force of volunteerism. This group of volunteers provided local community a platform with common goals and gradually improving resource mobilization. So even after the flood, they continued working for their noble cause of welfare of the local poverty stricken and the suffering communities during any disaster particularly floods. Soon their efforts matured and they founded an informal organization in 1974. Ultimately they got the organization registered as ‘Anjuman-al-islah’ on 04th July 1976 under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961 (XLVI of 1961). Later on it changed its name as ‘ Human Empowerment to Lead & to Progress Foundation’ in 2008 under the same registration law, which is now popularly known as HELP Foundation.

For a vast period of over 45 years, the organization has been committed to overcome poverty and sufferings of the marginalized people initially through skills development, small entrepreneurships development, community based flood response through local fundraising, improving literacy and raising awareness. With the advent of 21st century, HELP Foundation embarked on linking itself with national realm of humanitarian and development initiatives and started to work with different philanthropists from 2004 onwards.

Today HELP Foundation is a prestigious name in serving the vulnerable and marginalized communities through rights-based approach, especially in District Rajanpur in connection with development initiatives.


HELP Foundation is a nonprofit humanitarian and development organization established in 1976, based in District Rajanpur. The organization was registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961. For over 45 years HELP Foundation has been committed to overcome poverty and sufferings in southern Punjab.

HELP Foundation is primarily working with the Smallholders communities living in the vulnerable areas mainly the marginalized riverine and Rod Kohi (flash flood) areas in southern Punjab. The organization is associated with many INGOs, philanthropists, volunteers, supporters, local CBOs and national forums. HELP Foundation is the member Central Executive Council of NHN. HELP Foundation is also one of the founder organizations of Indus Consortium Pakistan – a collaborative platform of 03 organizations working for the riverine, smallholder and fishing communities living around Indus River all over the country.


Following are the thematic areas of work under HELP Foundation’s aims and cross-cutting:

Aim-1:   Right to Life and Dignity

  1. Humanitarian Response and Resilience Building
  2. Climate Change Adaptation

Aim-2:   Right to Dignified Livelihood

  1. Sustainable Livelihood
  2. Food & Nutrition Security

Aim-3:   Right to Social Services

  1. Education & Literacy
  2. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Cross-cutting themes:

  1. Gender Mainstreaming & Inclusion