Sustainable Livelihood & Economic Opportunities

Image EnterpriseKeeping in view the adverse economic conditions of these vulnerable groups, HELP Foundation addressed the issues through providing opportunities for sustainable support and to minimize the economic dependence of the targeted groups. HELP Foundation is having a motto of "Building Back Better" with the ultimate goal of enabling and harnessing the working energies of the deprived groups.

The main objectives of the such kind of projects are to:

  • Mainstream the needy targeted families by providing them with the economic opportunities.
  • Give the targeted groups a chance for sustainable livelihoods to maximize their economic independence.
  • Help the targeted groups build back their affected enterprises.


To make the intervention a success, such projects are implemented through with collaboration with Line Departments. All the concerned government departments, Social Protection Unit, fellow organizations, representatives and community workers were involved for orientation and information sharing about the project intervention and expected outputs.

The project is implemented by adopting a community-based participatory approach. Selection of beneficiaries is based on CBOs taking in consideration interviews and opinion sharing with the local key stakeholders.

During the implementation process we have come to learn that vulnerable people can work and bring a sustainable change in their lives if they are sensitized enough and provided with proper support and resources. Under such projects approximately 156 small & medium enterprises have been established.

Image RestockingLivestockLivestock Restocking

The objectives of such kind of projects are to:

  • Restore the affected livelihoods chain through re-stocking among the vulnerable groups.
  • Support the vulnerable groups fulfill their nutritional needs and provide them with an immediate source of income especially women-headed households.
  • Reduce poverty among the targeted families and empower women.
  • Introduce innovative business techniques among the vulnerable groups.


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