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Expression of Interest

Interactive Street Theatres Shows on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)


(CBDRM component of BDRP programme)


Terms of Reference

Human Empowerment to Lead & to Progress Foundation (HELP Foundation) is non profit, rights based, humanitarian organization established in 1974. The organization was registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961 (XLVI of 1961) in 1976.

HELP Foundation’s vision is of a world in which all the human beings are empowered to quest and realize their rights with justice and dignity to lead and making progress.

HELP Foundation aims to overcome poverty and suffering through a process that unites people for making collective efforts, enabling environment and common interests.


Building Disaster Resilience in Pakistan (BDRP) project is being implemented by CAWI consortium funded by DFID (UK) in province Punjab and Sindh. In this consortium Concern Worldwide (lead), Acted, International Rescue Committee and Welthungerhilfe are partner, whereas CWW and Welthugerhilfe implementing BDRP project in Punjab, and Acted and IRC implementing the same in province Sindh.

HELP Foundation is implementing partner of CAWI consortium lead organization CWW in District Rajanpur. Under BDRP project 07 flood prone union councils in Tehsil Rojhan, Rajanpur and Jampur of district Rajanpur has selected. Total 75 villages have been selected for piloting the project. 

1- Rationale for assignment:

Poor access to adequate sanitation, resulting in the practice of widespread open defecation, has negative health and social impacts on communities; the impact is even more fatal if any disaster occurs, particularly in terms of diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, which is considered one of the leading causes of stunting and mortality, especially among children under five. As a part of resilience building among people against such diseases, an integrated WASH component is incorporated to BDRP program, the activities includes; resilient community water infrastructure, improvement of basic sanitation through community led sanitation approaches and hygiene promotion/behaviour change. Therefore, to create mass awareness among people of the targeted communities and change their behaviours to practice good hygiene and improve basic sanitation practices.

HELP Foundation has planned to conduct theatre shows on the themes of 1-personal hygiene and hand washing, 2-use of latrine, 3- garbage disposal4- household water treatment, importance and benefits of safe drinking water and safe storage of drinking water. These street theatre shows will ensure an effective outreach and help in promoting WASH related good behaviours among men, women and children including school children.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To produce/ write script in local language on WASH themes (personal hygiene, hand washing at critical times, importance of construction and use of latrine, garbage disposal, household water treatment, importance and benefits of safe drinking water and safe storage of drinking water.
  2. To conduct 21 street theatres in multiple communities and schools on the agreed themes
  3. Provide DVD recordings, pictures of all theatre shows conducted in communities and schools with dates and venue.
  4. Narrative Final Report of the progress of the assignment.

 2- Scope:

Target group Community men, women and children including school children, of the targeted communities and schools.

Geographical scope–7 Union Councils of Rajanpur District in Punjab province (list of villages and U/Cs will be provided later)

 3- Approach and Methodology:

The production firm/team / Theatre Group would propose the approach and methodology for Theatre shows detail, based on the general guidelines provided below;

  • Review of BDRP programme documents, IEC Material particularly WASH related information education and communication material activities;
  • Review of the dramas’, theatres on the same themes, conducted around Pakistan
  • Meeting with relevant staff to discuss the themes, script, schedule and other related arrangements/ pre requisites for the theatre shows.

 4- Output of the Consultancy:

  • UC/Village/School wise street theatre shows are conducted in local language; on the mentioned WASH themes, for general public (men, women and children) and school children on the pre -selected locations of the targeted villages. 
  • Conducted high quality video recording of the shows, the final skits and digital assets in original software are provided with clearly marked DVDs,
  • Final Narrative Report of the completion of the assignment.

 5- Deliverables:

The production firm/team/ Theatre Group will produce following key deliverables (subject to further refinement in consultation with the production) and support of Concern/HELP Foundation WASH section:

  1. Develop script  of 30 minutes –45minutes  show, on personal hygiene with particular focus on hand washing soap/detergent at critical times, importance of construction and use of latrine, garbage disposal and household water treatment, importance and benefits of safe drinking water and safe storage of drinking water;
  2. Sharing of draft scripts for the WASH team’s review. This may be finalized in 2- 3 review rounds, in case of selection a demonstration will be performed byproduction firm/team / Theatre Group.
  3. Conduct a series of 21 interactive street theatre shows with proper opening/ start and afterwards highlighting the, importance of construction and use of latrine, garbage disposal and household water treatment, importance and benefits of safe drinking water and safe storage of drinking water according to script and a discussion session with audience at the end of each theatre performance.
  4. The interactive street theatres will be simple, in local language (Saraiki), dramatic and demonstrative in nature for better and easy understanding of all target groups, hence leaving a strong impact on their minds.
  5. Provide all pre-production/intervention services, such as concept note, script, storyboard/panel/team and theatre shows schedules.
  6. Provide facilities such as sound system, generator, costumes, puppets (if required), make-up, vehicle to spot, Back Ground Panaflex with Logos as proposed by HELP Foundation and crew etc required for shows;
  7. Conduct high quality video recording and pictures of the shows during performance and public participation. The final skits and digital assets in original software should be provided on clearly marked DVDs.
  8. Event completion report.

 6- Lines of Communication:

The consultant will coordinate with HELP foundation/Concern’s WASH section.


 7- Skills, Experience and Qualification:

  • At least 2 years’ experience of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector shows performance.
  • Are fluent in speaking local language – Saraiki (as required).
  • Documentation experience in conducting similar nature of theatre shows.
  • Team must have Excellent facilitation/ entertainment/ presentation skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively perform in rural setups of Punjab
  • Available during assignment period and can conduct Shows as requested.
  • Inclusion of women in performance team.

 8- structure of Technical Proposal/Expression of Interest and Submission Guidelines:

Interested potential consultants/production team/firm/ Theatre Group with relevant experience, may submit sealed technical and financial proposals according to following details;

  • Company/production firm profiles clearly stating the company’s capabilities of undertaking the presented task.
  • Previous and existing client list with details of various assignments completed.
  • Company/production firm must provide physical evidence of previous work produced, preferably for the development sector clients (script, CD/DVD recording) 
  • Detailed work plan of theatre shows with clearly laid out deadlines defined in the RFP supporting proposal.
  • At least one innovative concept for the 30- 45 minutes show on any of the mentioned themes showing method/ ideas to interact with and engage audience.
  • CVs/profiles of the team, who will work on the assignment.

 9- Monitoring and Evaluation:

  • The activity will be monitored by the M&E Person.

 10- Time Frame:

The street theatre shows expected to be concluded within 45 working days first show commencing from 2nd  Week of January, 2018, with following break up of activities; the sealed bids must be submitted by 4th January 2018 at 2:00 pm through Courier Services or by hand.

The proposal must be included with the work plan around the following points

  • Discussion and finalization of scripts and skits
  • Conduct theatre performance /shows in District Rajanpur
  • Completion and provision of shows’ recordings in DVD.

 11- How to Apply/ Bid Instructions:

  1. Quotation should be submitted on printed business letter head paper in a sealed envelope. Clearly marked “Quotation for Interactive Street Theatres Shows on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)”. With complete details of Theatres Group/Performers/Firm including phone number, address etc.
  2. Rates: The prices must be in Pak Rupees inclusive of all applicable taxes.
  3. Certificate: Please provide copy of your National Tax Number Certificate/CNIC. 
  4. Payment Terms: Payment will be released through crossed cheque, after the satisfactory completion of Performance/services as per agreed term and conditions in the purchase order, upon submission of Invoice/ supporting documents for the said Performance / services.
  5. Taxes: Tax will be deducted at source as per Govt. of Pakistan tax law / FBR’s updated guidelines
  6. If GST is applicable, Performer must quote the unit rate inclusive of GST, in case of supplier is a GST registered and will provide the sale tax invoice then (GST should be mentioned separate from unit price).
  7. Ethics: Performer must not be engaged in any child labour, human rights abuses, corruption, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices including but not limited to applying/ bidding by multiple names / companies. If any bidder is found to be involved in such practices his/her bid may be rejected and the companies in question permanently black listed
  8. Criteria: Bid committee reserves the right to change the quantities or cancel/reject any or all offers without assigning any reason. Lowest price will not be the sole criteria; quality, delivery time and previous experience will also be considered.

 Address/Contact Details: 

HELP Foundation, Atta Street, Mohalla Akber Abad, Kot Mithan, Tehsil & District Rajanpur

for any inquiry e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Call 0604-317806



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