HELP Foundation in collaboration with the Oxfam distributed "Health & Hygiene Kits" amongst the flood affectees 2015 in District Rajanpur.

HELP Foundation providing Clean Drinking Water to the Flood Affectees 2015 at Wang Road, Mithankot, Rajanpur.

HELP Foundation & ABN installed a “Free Medical Camp” with all the daily life common medical facilities for the Flood 2015 affected area ? Bait Sontra. Dr. Zohaib Buzdar and Dr. Robila Muqadas voluntarily examined 210 patient and cured!

HELP Foundation distributed plastic sheets among flood affected families in Basti Bukhshay Khan UC Noorpur.

Flood 2015 severely affected the District Rajanpur due to very high flood in the River Indus and hills torrent water!


Youth has always remained at the dire need of any developing as well as developed country to lead in all over the world in all aspects whether it's economy, democracy or the ultimate future of the country itself. Pakistan; being the underdeveloped country is already deprived of a lot of scarce resource among which the youth is abundant if directed towards the bright horizons stringently aligned with the core modern standards and prospective futuristic result oriented attitude and social inclining engaging multi-purpose and diversified leading approach. HELP Foundation, being heart-touching humanitarian organization within the District Rajanpur took the initiative to drag the youth bulge especially the rural one which has lag behind somehow in all the aspects by promoting, facilitating and guiding them unconditionally even without any charge regarding Prime Minister and Chief Minister’s Youth Focused Initiatives so that; not only the substantial participation could be ensured but also could provide a strong platform where they can integrate themselves into the policies, future plans and bright prospectives at all levels in order to grow enough to be a responsible and employed citizen thereby strengthening the state-youth relationship through celebrating the “Youth Festival 2015”! The theater on “Sustainable Reuse of Wastewater”, “Rock Musical Show align with Classical & Carnatic Touch”, “Stalling of IEC Material of all Spheres of Humanitarian Works”, “Speeches” and participation of the local community, students of all ages, media, CSOs, Governmental Institutions and especially the locally preferred politicians and education department was the core heart thereof!

Saturday, 02 January 2016

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